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Tina Hausmann

Fueled by Passion

Prema Racing
Date Of Birth
October 2006
Place Of Birth
Cars Debut
Current Series
F1 Academy
Formula 4 Test at Spa
Tina Hausmann, born October 2006 in Switzerland, is a female Formula 4 race car driver fueled by passion, driven by determination, and motivated to achieve.

Tina’s passion for motorsports was fully sparked at the age of seven when she saw a race kart at a car dealership. She was attracted to it like a magnet and jumped into it, handled the steering wheel and allowed her dreams to take off. Tina was approached by a female race driver who invited her to do some laps on a kart track. From that point onwards, there was no option but full speed ahead.

“F1 Academy is an incredible opportunity for me; it’s an amazing series that I’m proud to be a part of"
Tina On F1 Academy


Starting her career in 2013 in karting with a number of seasons in the Swiss Rotax Mini and Junior categories, Tina moved on to OK-Junior, OK and then KZ showing constant improvement. Focusing on using her limited time, beside school, in the best possible way, Tina competed only in selected races in Switzerland and at the DKM and ADAC Masters in Germany.

Formula Debut
Formula Debut

Formula Debut

In late 2022 Tina successfully completed her first test rounds in a Formula 4 car. Her conclusion: “I just love going fast and pushing the limits with these powerful cars.” This new and highly aspired new chapter is full of learning opportunities. As a passionate race car driver with high expectations in herself, she focuses on progress measured in fractions of a second knowing that in comparison human history spans over two million of years.

In her first Formula 4 race weekend February 2023 in Spain she finished on the podium in third position. In the media it was described as a “seriously impressive debut”.

Thank You

Tina would like to thank her family, friends and advocates for all the unfettered support, understanding and encouragement. In this context a special and heartfelt thank you goes to Marco Antonelli, AKM Motorsport (Italy) as well as to Michel Vacirca, CRG (Netherlands), Moritz Mueller-Crepon (Switzerland), Jürg Zürcher, Beo-Karting (Switzerland) and everyone who supported me along my journey.

Thank You
Thank You